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Andrew Vorster

Innovation Catalyst
The former VP of Technology Research and Development at Visa Europe, Andrew has spent over 30 years driving innovation across a wide range of industries during and building a reputation as a passionate innovator and disruptor.

As a published author with a background in research and a qualification in foresight, he is best known for inspiring audiences "to be more innovative" through his briefings, keynotes and workshops in his his work as an Innovation Catalyst.

He firmly believes that innovation is critical for an organisation’s success and that it is vital for everyone to understand how they can be more innovative in everything they do, as opposed to (just) having an innovation department. Successfully weaving his personal experience and ongoing research into the impacts of change and emerging technology trends on society, industry and leadership into colourful narratives, he delivers inspiring sessions that motivate audiences into action.

Andrew spends the the majority of his time scanning and scouting for changes in the TIPS (Technologies, Innovations, Patents and Start- ups) behind the trends driving new business models and consumer behaviours, using these to help people envisage a wide range of multiple possible futures, thereby influencing strategic direction and future vision.

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