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Erik van Ommeren

Senior Director Analyst
Erik van Ommeren is a Senior Research Director in Gartner's "Office of the CIO" Research team. His broad international background in innovation and technology makes him a valuable conversation partner for anyone faced with the challenges of keeping up with technology or looking to radically accelerate business innovation. He helps clients understand trends, innovation and transformation. Mr. van Ommeren has a 20-year fascination for the user and marketing side of technology. He has written several business-IT and strategy books, and can also speak from hands-on experience as a manager, programmer and architect. Over the years, he has covered the many strands that make up the technology landscape of today, ranging from open innovation and cloud computing to cybersecurity, lean-startup, blockchain and machine intelligence. A true technology optimist, Mr. van Ommeren brings new insights, new ideas and a human-centric view on technology that anyone can relate to.
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