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Paul Taylor

Thought Machine
Paul founded Thought Machine in 2014 because he wanted to bring modern software technology to banking. He strongly felt something needed to be done about the way most banking systems were so cumbersome and awkward, not to mention deeply frustrating and practically useless for millions of end users. He discovered this after originally setting out to make intuitive banking apps based on advanced machine learning and then hitting a brick wall time after time when attempting to integrate or get proper data feeds. The conclusion was that the company should build its own core banking platform from scratch and encourage our customers to scrap their archaic technology.

Before founding Thought Machine, he founded two other successful technology companies – Rhetorical Systems, which was acquired by Nuance in 2004 and Phonetic Arts, which was acquired by Google in 2010. He served as a research scientist and manager of the speech team in London. He lead the team which launched the Google text-to-speech system in 2012, which still provides the basis for all of Google’s speech output, from driving directions, voice search and accessibility to machine translation. The system has been installed on more than a billion phones since 2012.

He has previously been an academic, specialising in speech technology and machine learning. have been a lecturer in Linguistics as well as director of the Centre for Speech Research at Edinburgh University. He also spent two years within Cambridge University’s Engineering Department, writing the book, Text-To-Speech Synthesis.
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